The university GoCard program, similar to a ProCard,  is used to prepay expenses related to Official University travel. Allowable expenses include:

  • Conference fees
  • Registration fees
  • Airfare
  • Car rentals
  • Lodging
  • Toll Fees
  • Travel arrangements made through the official university vendor, Fell Travel
  • Parking/Taxi/Shuttle

GoCards are issued only to staff responsible for arranging and coordinating travel for their department. Go cards will not be issued to individuals solely for their use.

For more information, please contact the GoCard Program Administrator.

  1. Request a GoCard by completing the  GoCard Application.
  2. Complete training
    • Cardholders are required to complete Introduction to Finance (FIN009) in order to get finance systems access.
  3. Travel must be approved in advance of making non-cancellable travel arrangements via the Travel Authorization in FTS.  For non-university employees, travel related expenses must be approved in advance of making non-cancellable travel arrangements via the Request for Approval of Travel (pdf) form.
  4. Save your receipts whenever you use the GoCard to make a purchase.
  5. Each month, you must reconcile your statement to verify that the charges are valid and that services  have been received. For detailed instructions on completing the GoCard Reconciliation in PeopleSoft, visit Finance Tutorials.
  6. All questions regarding GoCard policy and use should be directed to the GoCard Coordinator at 408-924-1572.
  • Detailed receipts for each expense, including reference to the Travel Authorization number (if available) which corresponds with the expense.
Additional Requirements