Petty Cash



The Petty Cash process is intended for the reimbursement of small dollar university business related expenses when cash is the most cost efficient method of payment.

Purchases may not exceed $50 per transaction exclusive of sales tax, with any one vendor in a day.  Splitting transactions is not allowed.

Department Responsibilities

Before you spend any cash, first check to make sure your product(s) are eligible for this process. To do so, please see Procure to Pay Guidelines (PDF).

If your Department has a Petty Cash Box

  1. Contact your department petty cash custodian to obtain enough cash to cover your purchase.
  2. Go to the store and buy the product(s).
  3. Give your original receipt and any change to your petty cash custodian.

If your Department doesn't have a Petty Cash Box

  1. Go to the store and buy the product(s).
    • Save the original receipt.
  2. Complete the Petty Cash form (pdf).
    • Provide a description of the product(s) and the total dollar amount.
    • If the purchase was hospitality related, also complete the Hospitality Expense Justification form
  3. Take the Petty Cash form and your original receipt to the Cashier at Window #1 in the Student Services Center.
    • The Cashier will pay you the cash amount requested (up to $50 plus tax).
Petty Cash Custodians
  1. Keep a log of all purchases.
  2. Keep all original receipts.
  3. Replenish your cash via the Employee/Student Reimbursement process.
  4. For detailed information on establishing and maintaining a Petty Cash Fund, please see Petty Cash & Change Funds.