Account Definitions

This is a list of accounts commonly used by departments for non-salary expenses. 
If you need to use an account that is not listed in the Preferences section of Financial Transaction Services, please contact Finance Support at or 4-1558.


Account Description Type Comments
604001 Telephone Usage Communications Usage charges for SJSU telephones.


Computer Networks Communications Network connection charges for SJSU telephones.
604090 Other Communications Communications Charges for purchasing, moving or changing SJSU telephones.
605001 Electricity Utilities  
605002 Gas Utilities  
605003 Oil Utilities  
605004 Water Utilities  
605005 Sewage Utilities  
605006 Hazardous Waste Utilities  
605090 Other Utilities Utilities Includes waste management.
606001 Travel in State Travel All expenses related to travel (plane ticket, rental car, conference registration fees, food, hotel, etc.) for trips within California, where the main purpose of the meeting or activity is communication or gathering information. See account 660009 for training costs.
606002 Travel Out of State Travel Same as 606001, but for trips outside California.
606800 Travel - International Travel Same as 606001, but for trips outside of the United States.

Design Fee Pre-Constrtn (FD&O)

607031 Cap Constructn Contract (FD&O) Construction  
607032 Constructn Management (FD&O) Construction  
607033 Cap Construction Other (FD&O) Construction  
607034 Design Fee Constrtn Ph (FD&O) Construction  
607041 Contingency (FD&O) Construction  
608001 Books (Library only) Library Material To record the cost of books purchased specifically for the campus library.
608002 Book Binding (Library only) Library Material To record the cost of book binding services rendered by vendors for texts to be placed in the campus library, including student theses.  
608003 Serials (Library only) Library Material To record the cost of publications issued in successive parts, generally annually and purchased specifically for the campus library. 
608004 Periodicals (Library only) Library material To record the cost of publications issued daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly, purchased specifically for the campus library.  
608005 Subscriptions (Library only) Library Material To record the cost of license fees to access reference materials electronically and other electronic databases with scholarly content for the campus library.
609001 SEOP Grant Program Financial Aid  
609002 State University Grant Financial Aid  
609003 State Grants - Other Financial Aid  
609005 Othr Std Scholarships/Grant Financial Aid  
609809 State Fin Aid Grant - PY Financial Aid  
610001 Federal Financial Aid Financial Aid  
610002 Fed Fin Aid Loan Disbursement Financial Aid  
612001 State Pro Rata Charges State Charges  
613001 Contractual Services Contractual Services All services including independent contractors, consultants (except IT consultants - see account 616800), service agreements and maintenance contracts.
613800 Medical Services Health Medical care provided by the Student Health Center.
613801 UPD Security Security Security provided by the University Police Department for special events.
613802 FD&O Services Facilities Services provided by Facilities Development & Operations.
613803 Housing Rental Charges Rent Rent for rooms provided by University Housing Services.
613804 UPD Fingerprinting Fingerprinting Fingerprinting (Live Scan) provided by the University Police Department.
613805 Disability Services Interpreter Interpreter services provided by the Disability Resource Center.
613806 Traffic and Parking Services Parking Shuttle services provided by Parking Services.
613809 Equip Contracts Maint & Repair Repairs and Maintenance To record equipment maintenance and repair that is governed by an agreement.
616002 IT Hardware Information Technology All computer equipment and peripherals. Includes maintenance contracts and hardware repairs. Does not include supplies related to computing, such as paper or toner.
616003 IT Software Info. Technology All computer software, including upgrade and support costs.
616004 IT Infrastructure Info. Technology Underlying framework, such as wiring between buildings, that supports computers and is long-lived.
616005 Misc. IT Costs Info. Technology Includes misc. IT services, such as data processing and imaging.
616800 IT Consultants Info. Technology  
616801 IT Training Info. Technology Same as 660009, but for IT-related training.
616802 IT Services Info. Technology  
616803 IT Hardware Maint & Repair Info. Technology To record all IT hardware maintenance and repair.
616804 IT Software Maint Info. Technology To record all IT software maintenance.
619001 Equipment - Non Instructional Equipment All non-computer equipment, regardless of cost.
619002 Equipment - Instructional Equipment All non-computer equipment regardless of cost, related to instruction.  
619800 Furniture/Fixture Furniture/Fixture  
660001 Postage and Freight Postage Postage charges, in most cases charged by Distribution Services.
660002 Printing Printing All printing and duplicating costs, whether charged by an SJSU service center or an outside company. Includes design charges associated with publications.
660003 Supplies Supplies All supplies, including paper and office supplies.
660006 Interest on Bonds and Notes Debt  
660007 Principal on Bonds and Notes Debt  
660008 Interest Charges - Other Interest Expense All interest expenses other than interest on bonds and notes - see 660006.
660009 Specialized Training Training Training costs and all related expenses, including travel (except IT-related training - see account 616801), where the main purpose of the meeting or activity is developing the skills and abilities of the employee. See 606001 for travel costs not related to training.
660010 Insurance Expense Risk Claims paid by SJSU and charged back to departments.
660017 Advertising Advertising Advertising in media. See 660002 for promotional publications. See 660042 for job ads.
660019 Litigation Cost Legal Expense  
660020 Interest Penalty Interest Expense Internal interest charge due to negative cash balance in the fund.
660041 Space Rental Space Rental  
660042 Recruitment and Employee Relocation Recruitment All costs that are primarily for recruitment, including job ads, travel and relocation. 
Note: Program ChartField values 104, 105 and 106 can also be used to identify faculty, administrative and student recruitment, respectively.
660043 Accreditation Expense Accreditation All costs that are primarily for accreditation, including travel, printing and contractual services.
660045 Student Union Return Surplus Budget Allocation  
660061 R&M - BLDG Maintenance (FD&O) Repairs and Maintenance  
660062 R&M - Custodial Service (FD&O) Repairs and Maintenance  
660063 R&M - Utilities (Co-Gen only) Repairs and Maintenance  
660064 R&M - Landscape &Ground (FD&O) Repairs and Maintenance  
660800 Membership Due Membership Fees  
660803 Copier Program Copiers Costs of maintaining and replacing copiers furnished by Contracts & Purchasing Services.
660807 Workers Compensation Premiums Workers Comp  
660867 Default Loan Princ-Assigned Loan  
660897 Adm Allow-High Educ Admin Allowance  
660898 BUS & FIN Services Admin Fee Service fee for admistration services.
660901 UPD Security Fee UPD  
660903 Parking Permit Charges Parking Permits for parking on campus.
660904 Food Catering Services Catering Services All food catering services, regardless of vendors.
660905 Merchant's Credit Card Fee Credit Card Charges  

660961 Other Maint & Repair Repairs and Maintenance For all other maintenance and repair expense.
660962 Books Supplies To record the cost of books purchased for departments (not for the campus library). 
660963 Subscriptions Supplies To record the cost of licenses purchased for departments (not for the campus library).
690003 GF Payroll Allocat/Expenditure Payroll