Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study (FWS) funds are allocated to SJSU for the purpose of hiring students with qualifying financial needs. These funds cover only a part of the student's salary.

If your department hires a Work Study student, you need to match the Federal funds with a smaller percentage. Typically it is 25% to 30% of the total salary. Departments are responsible for any amount their Work Study students earn above the FWS award amount.

Move FWS Salaries to SA Salaries

If a student has expended more than the award amount, you can reclassify FWS salaries as Student Assistant (SA) salaries. To do this, submit an HR Expense Adjustment through the Financial Transaction Services.

Move SA Salaries to FWS Salaries

If an adjustment is required to move SA salaries into FWS salaries, then verify the FWS award eligibility of the student with the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office. You cannot perform this transaction on the Financial Transaction Services, but you can contact us and ask us to enter it in PeopleSoft Finance.

Off-Campus Agencies & Auxiliary Organizations

Off-campus agencies and auxiliary organizations may also hire Work Study students. We require a deposit at the beginning of the fiscal year. Accounting Services will send you monthly statements showing the balance remaining in the fund.