Establishing a New Trust Fund

Most requests to establish a new trust fund stem from the collection of a new fee. New fees must be submitted to the Campus Fee Advisory Committee and approved before the related trust fund can be established. Revenues should not be collected in advance of receiving approval for a new Trust Fund. Please refer to the Campus Fee Program for more information.

Each Trust Fund established by SJSU shall be supported by an executed Trust Fund Agreement, which clearly indicates the source and purpose of the Trust Fund. Supporting documentation should always accompany a Trust Fund Agreement. In most cases, a proforma showing anticipated revenues and expenditures for the current fiscal year should be included. Other documents, such as agreements, documented restrictions or reporting requirements that will impact administration of the Fund, should also be attached to the Trust Fund Agreement. Questions regarding requesting a new trust fund should be directed to the University Budget Office. Please contact the analyst assigned to your unit.

Each Trust Fund Agreement will be reviewed for approval by the Budget Office and then forwarded to the Associate Vice President for Finance for approval. Upon approval, Accounting Services will assign a new Trust Fund number and establish the new fund in the financial system (CFS). The requester and the Bursar's Office will be notified when the fund is ready for use.

Trust Fund agreements are subject to renewal every three years.