Environmental Health and Safety

Injury and Illness Prevention Program

It is the policy of San Jose State University College of Engineering that every employee and student is entitled to a safe and healthful place in which to work. To this end, every reasonable effort will be made in the interest of Accident Prevention, Fire Protection, and Health Preservation.

The management concept of San Jose State University College of Engineering is not production and safety; it is production with safety. When production with safety is achieved, production with efficiency is attained simultaneously.

We at San Jose State University College of Engineering have a basic responsibility to make the safety of human beings a part of our daily, hourly concern. We will be counting on you to do your part in making our program an effective one.

The successful operation of San Jose State University College of Engineering will depend not only on accomplishments and service, but also how safely each job is performed. There is no job so important - nor any service so urgent - that we cannot take time to work safely. I consider the safety of our personnel to be of prime importance, and I expect your full cooperation in making our program effective.

Sheryl Ehrman
Dean of Engineering
San Jose State University

Hazard Communication Program

The management of San Jose State University College of Engineering is committed to preventing accidents and ensuring the safety and health of our students and employees. We will comply with all applicable federal and state health and safety rules. Under this program employees and students are informed of the contents of the OSHA Hazard Communications Standard, the hazardous properties of chemicals with which they work, safe handling procedures and measures to take to protect themselves from these chemicals. These chemicals may be physical or health-related. This written hazard communication plan is available at the following location for review by all students and employees: (On the front door of all chemical containing laboratories.)


Safety Committee Meetings