Engineering Course Design

The 2022-2023 Engineering Course Design Committee is composed of eight faculty from five departments. The Committee explored the integration of Quality Matters Standards Rubrics into course design and created an engineering course template that merges the Committee's recommendations. In addition, a collaborative environment is promoted when the Committee members shared course design insights. 

Engineering Course Design Advisory Committee

committee members' pic

Notes: Names organized alphabetically by Department.

Faculty Department
Dr. Maria Chierichetti  Aerospace Engineering
Dr. Yazdan Pedram Razi   Aerospace Engineering
Dr. Fatemeh Davoudi  (Co-Lead) Aviation and Technology
Dr. Lin Zou Aviation and Technology
Dr. Mahima Agumbe Suresh Computer Engineering
Dr. Bhawandeep Singh Harsh Electrical Engineering
Dr. Shilpa Gupta   Industrial and Systems Engineering
Dr. Hongrui Liu Industrial and Systems Engineering

Badge Recognition

 Badge picture

Each committee member earned a committee badge, and Dr. Fatemeh Davoudi receieved committee leadership badge.  

Engineering Course Design Recordings