Dean and College Staff

Sheryl Ehrman

Watch this space for the Dean's message, coming soon!

Jinny Rhee working from homeJinny Rhee, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs

Congratulations for a job well-done! Please stay in touch with the college so that we know what you are up to! We can't wait to hear what you end up doing in the world!

Xiao Su

Sandra Atanda

"We may live in an age of instant messaging, instant gratification and Instagram, but there is no way to short circuit the path to success."
—Tory Burch

Molly Crowe

Congratulations, 2021 Engineering Graduate! Wishing you all the best!

Lisa Francesca, editor, Student Newsletter

Spartan Engineers, it was a great pleasure having you as part of our community. Many of our alumni report back that they are using what they learned here to succeed in the world. Let us know where you land, so we can brag about you to the next generation of students!

Sandy Jacobs-Tolle

Every year, I get a big reminder of why I choose to work here and what makes me happiest-- it comes in the form of watching some of my favorite students I've gotten to know walk across the graduation stage. Your elation in that moment reinforces my resolve and my bond to this place. And because you go out in the world and shine for all to see, I am always able to point to you Spartans and say that you're the indisputable proof of my pride in being part of the college. Thank you for sharing your learning and your light with me.

Sanela Latic Skripic

College and Campus wide staff

Kelly Masegian

Career Center

Congratulations! The Career Center is here to support you in your next step!

Mathew Stowe

MESA Engineering Program (MEP)

Congratulations graduates! This is a huge accomplishment! Cherish this moment and recognize all of the hard work you put in. Continue to learn and grow as we look forward to you changing the world with your leadership & innovation!

Congrats Graduates - You did itRich Trocio

CoE Support Programs & MEP

Take a moment. Reflect on your journey and realize this immense occasion. It is not to be understated - I'm proud of you!