Getting the Most from your GO program

"What is this GO program, anyway?" Entering its fifth year, GO is the Engineering Dean's way to nudge you into attending that lecture you heard about, joining that club, or setting aside that time to work on your LinkedIn profile. Each of these actions (and so many more) will help you on the path to your career.

We know how busy you are. Between hitting the books, working a job, and caring for family, you might consider yourself a member of the "Go Home" program instead. But you have carved out this time for school and paid your fees, so take advantage of at least some of the resources that are here! The GO program is here to make your extra investment a little sweeter.

You might hear something at the event, or meet someone, or catch the eye of a company you want to work with. And the nudge is pretty painless: you do the action, log it using the "Log in your GO points" link on the GO page, and upload some kind of evidence (selfie, screenshot, photo of receipt, etc).

Your points keep accruing until you graduate, but any time you have 30 or more points, you can cash in some or all of your points at the end of the semester for prizes. The dean's office sends you an email toward the end of the semester, letting you know how many points you've logged in. However, it doesn't hurt to keep track of your own points somewhere.

Again, you'll need to earn a minimum of 30 points before you are eligible to cash them in for prizes. If you logged 20 points last semester, start adding activities! As engineers, some of you will aim for the highest-point actions to gain points quickly, while others will try to knock out most of the "low-hanging fruit"-- the easy ones. In our experience, you should aim for things that make the most sense to your career preparation, and also do things that sound like the most fun.

Consider yourself a GO Beta tester, because we are always looking for feedback (at the end of your log-in form). Our process is not quite perfect, but some of your senior design colleagues are designing a GO app, which should roll out in Spring 2022. With this app, you'll know how many points you have, and be able to compete with other students, maybe even other departments!

The GO pages and the FAQ have been carefully designed to answer all your questions. Why not browse through the GO pages and... give it a GO!