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Specifications Grading

The Teaching Experiment Academy (TEA) program is designed for STEM faculty teaching lower-division undergraduate courses to redesign an existing course by using an adaptive mastery learning model and employ specifications grading in an effort to help students develop a growth mindset.

Check out tutorials here or visit this website to learn about specifications grading.


Engineering content resources

There is a plethora of online content for engineering and STEM instruction already, and more is being developed all the time. Repositories of engineering and STEM content for use in your remote or hybrid courses are listed here, and most are free. Please feel free to provide reviews of anything you find here for future users; in addition, if you discover a new source or like to share your feedback, please let us know by contact Eileen Chen, so that we can post it for others.

  • ASEE Resource Central: Extensive collection of helpful resources for: assessment, diversity and inclusion, remote labs and capstones, remote teaching, research, student support, and other areas. 
  • Canada College NSF-CALSTEP (2016): Online instructional materials for Intro to Engineering, Graphics, MATLAB, Material Science, and Circuits

For a completed listed engineering publication from SJSU, please consult the scholarwork page