Getting Started with Commons

Canvas Commons is a learning repository that Instructors can find, share, or import resources on Canvas Commons. If you haven't used Commons before, you'll need to activate Commons via your Canvas account.

How to activate Commons

Step 1: Click Commons tab in the global navigation menu (leftside bar)

Step 2: Click Authorize to access Commons

click "Commons" button from the side bar Authorize commons

How to import existing Engineering rubrics examples from Commons to your Canvas

Step 1: Type Engineering Canvas Course in the searching bar < select the resources (e.g. rubric templates) that you'd like to download to your Canvas course

Type Engineering Canvas Course in the searching bar, and select assignment to add a common.

Step 2: Click Import/Download button to import this resource to your Canvas course

Click Import/Download button

Step 3: Below is the rubrics example that looks like after you import the rubric example to your Canvas Assignment.

the common page

the rubric