Which activities are part of the GO program?

Any opportunities, events, and activities that help you prepare for your career count towards the program! Below is a list of examples, but the GO program is not limited to these alone.

Build Your Campus Community

Activity Options

  • Attend a campus event (e.g., career fair, networking event)
  • Sign-up for department's social media
  • Join a student club/society
  • Attend a career-oriented seminar (e.g., Dean's Career Conversation)
  • Attend a department event (e.g., alumni networking mixer)
  • Explore the SJSU Library's Engineering capabilities
  • Be a tutor, mentor or mentee with another student on campus

Build Your Network

Activity Options

  • Attend non-campus event (e.g., industry event)
  • Tour an offsite facility
  • Job shadow
  • Meet with professionals in the market or join a professional membership group
  • Attend a professional engineering event
  • Present at a senior design showcase or expo
  • Be a tutor, mentor or mentee with someone outside of SJSU
  • Study abroad or with Braven

Build Your Skills

Activity Options

  • Participate in a professional skill building workshop (e.g., resume writing, interviewing, presentation skills)
  • Complete a Career Readiness Module in ENG-YJ2CR
  • Participate in an innovation contest
  • Intern or volunteer in an engineering capacity
  • Participate/Contribute towards research projects
  • Complete the Fundamentals Engineering exam
  • Create an online design portfolio

And there are many others! For more information about which activities and opportunities qualify for GO program points, see the GO Program Events/Activity Examples.