Computer Engineering

Prof. Ahmed Banafa

Congrats! YOU did it , now go and change the world

Professor David Bruck

I send my heartiest congratulations to all our students and their families on this momentous occasion of your graduation. These times are trying, to say the least, and you’ve persevered and succeeded. It’s a great accomplishment. I wish you the best for your future.

Magdalini Eirinaki

Congratulations to the class of 2021! Not being able to physically attend the ceremony does not make your achievement any less important. You worked hard for this and should be very proud of yourselves! All the best for your next steps in life! You did it! :)

Rod FatoohiProf. Fatoohi

Warmest Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes for your next adventure!

Harry LiHarry Li

Congratulations to your achievement! Best wishes to you for your successful engineering career!

Anamika Megwalu

Congratulations, Spartans!

Younghee Park

Congratulations on your well-deserved success!!! Please remember your valuable time while studying here with our faculty and your friends at San Jose State University. Hope you’ll always find yourself as ambitious and crazy dreamers as you are today! Go Spartans!

Vishnu S. Pendyala

Hearty congratulations on your graduation, dear class of 2021! May your dreams and ambitions all come true and empower you to contribute to the world in big ways! The education you received here is how to learn to learn. The real eduction starts when you start working in the industry. Never stop learning and do keep in touch!

Keith Perry

Monica Serna

Congratulations to our CMPE and SE graduates! You have accomplished a remarkable feat in this unprecedented time and you are commended for all your efforts to overcome such an obstacle. Let it be known that every sleepless night, every work filled hour, every group project, and every stress filled deadline was not and will not be in vain. You will take with you all the knowledge and skills that you have learned, but more than that you take with you the knowledge that you are capable of overcoming immeasurable challenges.

I want to thank all the CMPE and SE students for taking me in as your advisor back in 2019. It has been my pleasure to support and guide you through your final semesters at SJSU. As you find your place in the workforce and the rest of the world, please use your knowledge and skills to better the world around you. The world needs people like you to show kindness. Give back to those in need and take care of yourself. You are resilient.

All the best!

Xiao SuDr. Xiao Su

Congratulations the graduating class of 2021! The Computer Engineering Department faculty and staff are very proud of what you have accomplished in the past few years. You have survived many sleepless nights, many challenging projects, and many grueling exams to come to where you are today. We are confident that with the Spartan spirit and determination, you will prevail in the challenges caused by the pandemic in the short term and go on to start your successful career. Wherever you are and whatever opportunity you take in the future, we hope you stay connected as a big SJSU Computer Engineering family. I look forward to seeing you connected in Computer Engineering’s LinkedIn group, seeing you in our alumni events, and seeing you engaged as guest speakers and as lecturers.

Mahima Agumbe Suresh

Congratulations, 2021 graduates! You have endured tough times to get to this point. Time to celebrate now :)
Hope your journeys are filled with joy and success!

Christine Watson CongratulationsChristine Watson

Congratulations Spartans! Though your last few semesters may not have gone as planned, it has prepared you to roll with the punches and adapt to challenges you may face in the future. I encourage you to remember the skills you gained from this time and put them to work in your next chapter. Best of luck in whatever lies ahead!

Wencen WuWencen Wu

Congratulations! I am so happy to share in the excitement of your graduation day, and so proud of you! Best wishes for your next adventure!