Semiconductors at SJSU

Semiconductor research

Today’s semiconductor discovery will go beyond Electrical Engineering (EE) and involve many other academic disciplines. Found in virtually every product powered by batteries or electricity, but often overlooked, the semiconductor chip sits at the heart of high technology. The CHIPS and Science Act will boost American semiconductor research, development, and production, ensuring U.S. leadership in the technology that forms the foundation of everything from automobiles to household appliances to defense systems. America invented the semiconductor, but today produces about 10 percent of the world’s supply—and none of the most advanced chips. Instead, we rely on East Asia for 75 percent of global production. The CHIPS and Science Act will unlock hundreds of billions more in private sector semiconductor investment across the country, including production essential to national defense and critical sectors.

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EE student and professor

SJSU Davidson College of Engineering has an EE department that is committed to preparing students to innovate and solve the technology challenges of the future. The SJSU EE department is one of the top programs offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Graduates from the SJSU EE department provide a constant pool of talent for high-tech industries in all areas of electrical and electronic engineering. The College of Engineering receives collaboration, support, and feedback from industries in order to stay at the leading edge of technology.

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