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The College of Engineering instructional design supports our faculty in course redesign with technology and applying best practices for teaching and learning. A wide range of customized workshops and one-on-one consultations are available for departments, faculty, and staff to increase faculty and staff expertise in instructional technology and pedagogy. Questions? Please email We would like to hear from you! Current students and staff can refer to the Learn Anywhere site or additional resources at the bottom of the page.

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Faculty Resources

Exam Assessment

Exam Assessment tools

Use tools to help efficiently evaluate and measure students' understanding and knowledge in various subjects or disciplines.

Class Engagement

Class Engagement Tools

Use tools to empower and motivate student learning and participation. 

Canvas Course Template

Canvas Course Templates

Import templates and resources from Canvas Commons to create a course space efficiently. 

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Faculty Conversation

Learn from faculty experts: Engineering pedagogy best practices & microlearning videos [YouTube channel].

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Engineering Pedagogy Badges 

Recognize event participation and committee service.

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Engineering Course Design Committee

Explore the use of Quality Matters in course design.

Student and Staff Resources

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Student Resources

Visit our student resources or consult the SJSU Learn Anywhere site for the latest tips, tricks, and resources available to maximize learning.

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Staff Resources

Staff Resources

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