Environmental Health and Safety Laboratories


For additional information (Lab director, Lab Technician, monthly and semester audit forms, and Lab Rules and Policies) please find the room/lab below in our list.

Lab Room/Facility Lab Director Lab Technician Monthly Audits Semester Audits Safety Documents
ENG 101     ENG101 Monthly ENG101 Annual ENG 101
ENG 105   Scott Gaudette ENG105 Monthly ENG 105 Annual ENG105
ENG 106 Kurt McMullin Patrick Joice ENG106 Monthly ENG106 Annual ENG106
ENG 107 Nikos Mourtos   ENG107 Monthly ENG107 Annual ENG107
ENG 109 Claire Komives Scott Gaudette ENG109 Monthly ENG109 Annual ENG109
ENG 113 Nicole Okamoto   ENG113 Monthly ENG113 Annual ENG113
ENG 114A Nicole Okamoto   ENG114A Monthly ENG114A Annual ENG114A
ENG 114B Nicole Okamoto   ENG114B Monthly ENG114B Annual ENG114B
ENG 115 John Lee   ENG115 Monthly ENG115 Annual ENG115
ENG 123 Nicole Okamoto   ENG123 Monthly ENG123 Annual ENG123
ENG 125 Burford Furman   ENG125 Monthly ENG125 Annual ENG125
ENG 127 Kurt McMullin Patrick Joice ENG127 Monthly ENG 127 Annual ENG127
ENG 129 Akthem Al-Manaseer Patrick Joice ENG129 Monthly ENG 129 Annual ENG129
ENG 130 Neil Peters   ENG130 Monthly ENG130 Annual ENG130
ENG 130C Neil Peters   ENG130C Monthly ENG130C Annual ENG130C
ENG 131 Kurt McMullin Patrick Joice ENG131 Monthly ENG131 Annual ENG131
ENG 135 Saeid Bashash   ENG135 Monthly ENG135 Annual ENG135
ENG 141     ENG141 Monthly ENG141 Annual ENG141
ENG 184/186/188/190 Neil Peters   ENG 184-190 Monthly ENG 184-190 Annual ENG 184-190
ENG 201 Melanie McNeil/Liat Rosenfeld Scott Gaudette   ENG 201 Annual  
ENG 203 Anand Ramasubramanian Scott Gaudette ENG203 Monthly ENG203 Annual ENG203
ENG 205 Melanie McNeil Scott Gaudette ENG205 Monthly ENG205 Annual ENG205
ENG 207 Laura Sullivan-Green Patrick Joice ENG207 Monthly ENG207 Annual ENG207
ENG 221   Scott Gaudette ENG221 Monthly ENG221 Annual ENG221
ENG 223   Scott Gaudette ENG223 Monthly ENG223 Annual ENG223
ENG 225/225A Richard Chung Scott Gaudette ENG225/225A Monthly ENG225/225A Annual ENG225/225A
ENG 227 Udeme Ndon Patrick Joice ENG227 Monthly ENG227 Annual ENG227
ENG 228 Udeme Ndon Patrick Joice ENG228 Monthly ENG228 Annual ENG228
ENG 229 Udeme Ndon Patrick Joice ENG229 Monthly ENG229 Annual ENG229
ENG 231 Richard Chung Scott Gaudette ENG231 Monthly ENG231 Annual ENG231
ENG 233I Alessandro Bellofiore Scott Gaudette ENG233I Monthly ENG233I Annual ENG233I
ENG 233J Alessandro Bellofiore Scott Gaudette ENG233J Monthly ENG233J Annual ENG233J
ENG 233K Folarin Erogbogbo Scott Gaudette ENG233K Monthly ENG233K Annual ENG233K
ENG 235 Ozgur Keles Scott Gaudette ENG235 Monthly ENG235 Annual ENG235
ENG 309/311/313 David Parent Neil Peters ENG309/311/313 Monthly ENG 309/311/313 Annual ENG309/311/313
IS 119/119A     IS119/119A Monthly IS119/119A Annual IS119/119A
IS 122     IS122 Monthly IS122 Annual IS122/122A
IS 129 Fred Barez   IS129 Monthly ENG129 Annual IS129