Program Events/Activity Examples

Build Your Campus Community

Attend a campus event (5 points) – examples:

  • An Engineering/STEM Career Fair
  • Engineering Student Club Fair
  • Spartan Leadership and Career Conference
  • Conference on Engineering Diversity
  • Women in Engineering Conference and WiE Connect Career Talk sessions
  • Bay Area Biomedical Medical Device Conference
  • Graduate & Professional Programs Fair
  • A Reconnecting dinner event
  • A Leadership breakfast

Follow or Like department’s social media, and/or College of Engineering social media (5 points*) – examples:

* Show evidence that you have followed/liked one or more of the social media groups listed above, and you can earn a one-time 5 points. Sorry, you will not get 5 points per social media group.

Attend a career-oriented seminar (5 points) – examples:

Attend a department event (5 points) – examples:

  • Senior Design Showcase or Expo (If you present a project, you can get 10 points)
  • An industry info session/tech talk organized by your department or club

Explore the SJSU Library Engineering capabilities (5 points) – examples:

  • Virtual Reality space
  • Materials Library
  • Make something in one of SJSU Library’s new 3D printers

Join a student club/org (10 points) – examples:

Participate in MESA (15 points)

Be a tutor, mentor, or mentee with another student on or off campus (10 points) – examples:

*Minimum of 16 hours per semester, one hour per week. A letter of agreement and hour tracking will be sufficient proof.* Check Peer Connections for ways to engage.

Build Your Network

Attend a non-campus event to build external network (industry event) (5 points) – examples:

Tour an offsite facility (5 points) – examples:

  • Check with your department or student club to learn about arranged tours
  • Visit the Intel Museum (free)
  • Visit NASA Visitor Center (free)
  • Visit the Computer History Museum (student admission $13.50)
  • Tour a sanitation or wastewater facility
  • Tour an alternative (solar, wind, water) power company

Create a Linkedin profile (Profile strength: Beginner, 5 points) – examples:

  • Go to Career Center’s First Friday photo booth to get your free head shot

Build your Linkedin profile (Profile strength: Intermediate or Complete, 10 points)

  • Go to Career Center’s LinkedIn Profile Studio or attend an online Profiles appointment with a career counselor

Meet with an industry professional or join and actively participate in a professional membership group (10 points). *To earn these points, attend at least ONE in-person meeting and provide proof - Examples:

Attend a professional engineering all-day or multi-day event (conference/workshop) (10 points)

Present at a senior design showcase or expo (10 points)

Shadow someone on the job (10 points)

*Spend a minimum of 3 hours shadowing an engineer in their place of work that aligns with your field of study. An email from the engineer confirming the date/duration/company will be sufficient proof

Build Your Skills

Watch a complete LinkedIn Learning video class (find the tile on your one.SJSU board) (5 points for all the videos for a class) - examples: Business Networking Etiquette, Getting Things Done, Time Management Tips.

Take MathWorks Online Trainings available on MATLAB Academy.

Participate in a professional skills building workshop through the Career Center or off campus (5 points) – examples:

  • A Spartan Success Series online resume review event
  • Interviewing
  • Presentation skills
  • Attend a Career Crunch Week event

Complete ENG - YJ2CR Explore Your Options Module (15 points)

Complete ENG - YJ2CR Build Experience Module (15 points)

Complete ENG - YJ2CR Launch Your Career Module (15 points)

*NOTE: for more information on the ENG - YJ2CR course, please contact or

Intern or volunteer in an engineering capacity (15 points)

Participate in or contribute towards research projects (15 points)

Participate in an innovation contest (15 points) – examples:

Take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam (15 points)

Create an online portfolio (15 points)

Complete any Engineering Study Abroad program with a passing grade (60 points)