Program Events/Activity Examples

Build Your Campus Community

Attend a campus event (5 points) – examples:

  • An Engineering/STEM Career Fair
  • Engineering Student Club Fair
  • Spartan Leadership and Career Conference
  • Conference on Engineering Diversity
  • Women in Engineering Conference and WiE Connect Career Talk sessions
  • Bay Area Biomedical Medical Device Conference
  • Graduate & Professional Programs Fair
  • A Reconnecting dinner event
  • A Leadership breakfast

Follow or Like department’s social media, and/or College of Engineering social media (5 points*) – examples:

* Show evidence that you have followed/liked one or more of the social media groups listed above, and you can earn a one-time 5 points. Sorry, you will not get 5 points per social media group.

Attend a career-oriented seminar (5 points) – examples:

Attend a department event (5 points) – examples:

  • Senior Design Showcase or Expo (If you present a project, you can get 10 points)
  • An industry info session/tech talk organized by your department or club

Explore the SJSU Library Engineering capabilities (5 points) – examples:

  • Virtual Reality space
  • Materials Library
  • Make something in one of SJSU Library’s new 3D printers

Join a student club/org (10 points) – examples:

Participate in MESA (15 points)

Be a tutor, mentor, or mentee with another student on or off campus (10 points) – examples:

*Minimum of 16 hours per semester, one hour per week. A letter of agreement and hour tracking will be sufficient proof.* Check Peer Connections for ways to engage.

Build Your Network

Attend a non-campus event to build external network (industry event) (5 points) – examples:

Tour an offsite facility (5 points) – examples:

  • Check with your department or student club to learn about arranged tours
  • Visit the Intel Museum (free)
  • Visit NASA Visitor Center (free)
  • Visit the Computer History Museum (student admission $13.50)
  • Tour a sanitation or wastewater facility
  • Tour an alternative (solar, wind, water) power company

Create a Linkedin profile (Profile strength: Beginner, 5 points) – examples:

  • Go to Career Center’s First Friday photo booth to get your free head shot

Build your Linkedin profile (Profile strength: Intermediate or Complete, 10 points)

  • Go to Career Center’s LinkedIn Profile Studio or attend an online Profiles appointment with a career counselor

Meet with an industry professional or join and actively participate in a professional membership group (10 points). *To earn these points, attend at least ONE in-person meeting and provide proof - Examples:

Attend a professional engineering all-day or multi-day event (conference/workshop) (10 points)

Present at a senior design showcase or expo (10 points)

Shadow someone on the job (10 points)

*Spend a minimum of 3 hours shadowing an engineer in their place of work that aligns with your field of study. An email from the engineer confirming the date/duration/company will be sufficient proof

Build Your Skills

Watch a complete LinkedIn Learning video class (find the tile on your one.SJSU board) (5 points for all the videos for a class) - examples: Business Networking Etiquette, Getting Things Done, Time Management Tips.

Take MathWorks Online Trainings available on MATLAB Academy.

Participate in a professional skills building workshop through the Career Center or off campus (5 points) – examples:

  • A Spartan Success Series online resume review event
  • Interviewing
  • Presentation skills
  • Attend a Career Crunch Week event

Complete ENG - YJ2CR Explore Your Options Module (15 points)

Complete ENG - YJ2CR Build Experience Module (15 points)

Complete ENG - YJ2CR Launch Your Career Module (15 points)

*NOTE: for more information on the ENG - YJ2CR course, please contact or

Intern or volunteer in an engineering capacity (15 points)

Participate in or contribute towards research projects (15 points)

Participate in an innovation contest (15 points) – examples:

Take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam (15 points)

Create an online portfolio (15 points)

BRAVEN, Global Technology Institute, and Study Abroad Programs

Complete the BRAVEN or GTI or any Engineering Study Abroad program with a passing grade (60 points)