Mechanical Engineering

Nicole Okamoto, ME Department Chair

Congratulations Mechanical Engineering Grads!

Saeid BashashSaeid Bashash

Despite all the challenges on your path in the past few semesters, you rose to the occasion, sailed through the whirling waves, and reached your destination. Congratulations to all of you for this significant accomplishment. Nothing in life will prevent you from reaching your future goals if you stand strong for them as you just have done this year.

Burford FurmanBurford Furman

Congratulations! We are super-proud of you and your accomplishment of graduating from our program! We have sought to give the best education and experience that we can, and we look forward to your future accomplishments. Please keep in touch with us! We love hearing how you are doing after SJSU or wherever your next steps take you. May God bless you and keep you and make his face shine upon you!

Photo by: Hasan AlbariSarah Greer

In future times of trial and indecision, remember this achievement you have made. You have persevered, sacrificed, and succeeded against adversity. You can do so again. Warmest congratulations to the graduating class of SJSU!

Crystal Han

Congratulations! I've seen your creativity, professionalism, and leadership while I was teaching you. You are more than ready to contribute to our community. I wish you all the best in your next step. Go Spartans!

Farzan KazemifarProf. Kazemifar

Congratulations on your great achievement! Best of luck in your next chapter as a Mechanical Engineer. I hope you always do well and do good.

John Lee

It's a testament to your perseverance and focus through this unusual year, reaching this milestone of degree completion along your road to success and lifelong learning. Wishing you all the best in the brighter years ahead!

James MokriJames Mokri

Congratulations to the graduating ME senior class. I had the pleasure of working with many of you on your Senior Design Projects and together we applied the engineering principles which you have learned while at SJSU. Now that you have graduated, make the most of every opportunity and keep accomplishing your best work. Thanks !

Lydie Rachel

Congratulations ME Graduates!

You have worked really hard to get this far. You have proven that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. So, set your goals high and just go for it!

Remember to come back and visit us, so that you too can share your stories and inspire the next SJSU Mechanical Engineering generation.

I wish you all the best!

Vimal Viswanathan

Congratulations class of 2021!

Raymond YeeProfessor Raymond K. Yee

Dear ME Graduates,
Congratulations to your graduation. I am delighted to see you have accomplished so much in just few years at SJSU. I am proud of all ME seniors who worked hard and devoted the whole academic year to complete their senior projects with quality and complexity in early May despite restrictions due to COVID-19 outbreak. It is also wonderful to see our MSME graduates who have completed one of the most rigorous graduate engineering programs on campus. As you completed one chapter in your life and are ready to move onto the next chapter, I wish you the very best in your next endeavors. Remember, ME Department is always your home and we welcome you to come back and visit us soon in the near future. Best Regards,