Voluntary and Involuntary Separations

Voluntary Separations

The Research Foundation requests at least two weeks or as much advance notice as possible, and a letter of resignation, when an employee plans to terminate their employment. The letter must be submitted to the employee's supervisor and must include the date the employee plans to terminate their employment. The supervisor must complete an SJSU Research Foundation Appointment Form and a final timesheet. Both completed forms must be submitted to Human Resources at least three working days before the employee’s termination date.

NOTE: State law mandates that an employee who provides a minimum of a 72-hour notice (three calendar days), must be paid on his or her last work day. If an employee does not give a 72-hour notice, the employer has 72 hours from the date of the employer’s knowledge of the employee’s notification to tender their final pay.

Involuntary Separations

No employee is to be terminated without Human Resources knowledge and agreement in advance of termination. In instances where an involuntary termination is necessary, the supervisor (principal investigator or team manager) must arrange a meeting with Human Resources to discuss reasons for the proposed termination. Human Resources may determine that further investigation of the issues is necessary before any final actions are taken.

Following final discussions and agreement between HR and the supervisor, a termination date can be set and the employee can be notified. The supervisor is responsible for completing the appointment form and final timesheet, and for forwarding both forms to Human Resources. Human Resources will coordinate issuance of the final check with Payroll. The final check must be provided to the employee on their last day of work.