November 2023 Grants and Contracts

We are pleased to share the success of SJSU's principal investigators who were awarded grants and contracts during November 2023:

Monthly Awards at a Glance
22 Awards Received: Valued at $2,252,245.

Note: Some industry-sponsored awards are not listed due to their respective non-disclosure terms.

Lucas College and Graduate School of Business

Philbrick, Karen E. / Nixon, Hilary K., Business, Dean's Office
Research and Education in Promoting Safety (REPS)
Sponsor: Howard University – $450,000..

Contracted Services

Zamora, Jane, Associated Students
CCAMPIS Grant 2021-2025
Sponsor: U.S. Department of Education – $423,243.

Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering

Kumar, Anil R., Industrial & Systems Engineering
Sponsor: CONFIDENTIAL – $32,932.

Papadopoulos, Periklis / Chierichetti, Maria, Aerospace Engineering
Axient Internship Program
Sponsor: Axient LLC – $65,691.

Tohidi, Ali, Mechanical Engineering
EAGER: Understanding Complex Wind-Driven Wildfire Propagation Patterns with a Dynamical Systems Approach
Sponsor: University of Utah – $11,456.

College of Health and Human Sciences

Zhou, MI, Nutrition & Food Science
Recovery Pending Revolution: Youth Artists of Color as Agents of Recovery and Readiness
Sponsor: UC, San Francisco – $31,176.

College of Humanities and the Arts

Korani, Tina, Journalism and Mass Communications
International Mother Language Celebration
Sponsor: City of San José – $5,318.

College of Science

Cargill, Shelley, Science, Dean's Office
SJSU MESA Schools Program ARUESD Agreement
Sponsor: Alum Rock Unified Elementary School District – $56,813.

Carroll, Dustin, Moss Landing Marine Lab
ECCO-Darwin Model Exploration of Physical and Biogeochemical
Interactions in the Land-Sea Continuum
Sponsor: Jet Propulsion Laboratory – $60,000.

Clements, Craig B., Meteorology & Climate Science
METOPS - Analyze 30 YR Climatology 2KM WRF Model (2047625)
Sponsor: Pacific Gas & Electric Company – $50,000.

Dirlam, Philip, Chemistry
Broadening Accessibility & Training To Emerging Researchers for
Innovative Energy Storage (BATTERIES)
Sponsor: CSU, Chico – $187,500.

Garcia, Alejandro L., Physics & Astronomy
Stochastic and Hybrid Models and Algorithms for Fluids
Sponsor: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories – $134,917.

Harvey, James, Moss Landing Marine Lab
Estuarine Wetland and Nearshore Ecology Studies along the Pacific
Sponsor: U.S. Geological Survey – $55,000.

Harvey, James, Moss Landing Marine Lab
Suisun Marsh Waterfowl Science Investigations: Data Synthesis and
Manuscript Preparation
Sponsor: U.S. Geological Survey – $85,000.

Khatami, Ehsan, Physics & Astronomy
AI and Data Science Enabled Predictive Modeling of Collective
Phenomena in Strongly Correlated Quantum Materials
Sponsor: University of Tennessee – $89,062.

Kochanski, Adam, Meteorology & Climate
Technology Development to Integrate Innovative Observation
Capabilities into Coupled Wildfire Models for Improved Active Fire Forecasting
Sponsor: Colorado State University – $336,344.

Singmaster, Karen A., Chemistry
CSU SJSU LSAMP Program 2018-2024
Sponsor: CSU, Sacramento – $40,000. and $20,000.

College of Social Sciences

Snycerski, Susan M., Psychology
Future Vertical Lift: Collaborative Research on Flight Control,
Autonomous Rotorcraft, and Human-Systems Interface Design
Sponsor: NASA – $38,000. and $16,446.

Snycerski, Susan M. / Padthe, Ashwani, Psychology
Dragonfly Collaboration
Sponsor: The Johns Hopkins University – $55,247.

Trulio, Lynne, Psychology
RCN-UBE: San Francisco Bay Research Coordination Network for
Student Opportunities in Avian Research (SOAR) to Enhance STEM Education...
Sponsor: Stanford University – $8,100.