September 2021 Grants and Contracts

We are pleased to share the success of SJSU's principal investigators who were awarded the following grants and contracts during September 2021.

Monthly Awards at a Glance
34 Awards Received: Valued at $6,783,345

Lucas College and Graduate School of Business

Dan Moshavi, Karen E. Philbrick, Business, Dean's Office
Mineta Consortium for Transportation Mobility (MCTM)
Sponsor: Department of Transportation – $1,401,100

Hilary K. Nixon, Business, Dean's Office
Evaluation of MTC Discretionary Funding Methods and VTA Transit Agency
Partnerships (Phase 1)
Sponsor: Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority – $124,642

Contracted Services

Heather Vise, Associated Students
CCAMPIS Grant 2021-2025
Sponsor: U.S. Department of Education – $325,571

Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering

Anil R. Kumar, Industrial & Systems Engineering
Trust Transfer Across Mobility
Sponsor: Honda Research Institute – $82,192

Matthew Leineweber, Biomedical Engineering
Quantifying Biofeedback Training and Retention Effects on Functional
Outcomes in Above-knee Prosthesis Users
Sponsor: U.S. Department of Defense – $348,636

Hiu Yung Wong, Electrical Engineering
FMSG: Cyber: Cybermanufacturing of Wide-Bandgap Semiconductor
Devices Enabled by Simulation Augmented Machine Learning
Sponsor: Virginia Tech – $200,775

College of Humanities and the Arts

Katherine Harris, English & Comparative Literature
Geography of The Arts: H&A in San Jose
Sponsor: City of San Jose – $30,000

College of Science

Kassahun Betre,  Physics & Astronomy
LEAPS-MPS: Investigating Emergent Gravity in Combinatorial
Sponsor: National Science Foundation – $167,119

Kimberly Blisniuk, Geology
CAREER: Re-Evaluating the Evolution of the Southern San Andreas Fault
along its Restraining Bend from Holocene to Mid-Quaternary Timescales via 36Cl/10Be Burial and Cosmogenic Exposure Dating
Sponsor: National Science Foundation – $160,921

Nathaniel Bogie, Geology
Deep Connections: Studying Deep Recharge and Healthy Soil Management
Practices in California
Sponsor: Regents of the University of California – $14,956

Sen Chiao, Meteorology & Climate Science
The NOAA Cooperative Science Center in Atmospheric Sciences and
Sponsor: Howard University – $5,000

Craig B. Clements, Meteorology & Climate Science
Vertical Wind Profiling for Real-Time Fire Weather and PSPS Assessment
Sponsor: Southern California Edison – $53,350

Minghui Diao, Meteorology & Climate Science
Aerosol Indirect Effects on Cirrus Clouds Based on NASA Flight Campaigns and Global Climate Models
Sponsor: NASA – $94,150

Luke Gardner, Moss Landing Marine Laboratory
White Abalone Restoration Co-Culture Research and Production
Sponsor: U.S. Department of Commerce – $30,000  

Jonathan B. Geller, Moss Landing Marine Laboratory
DNA Extraction, Illumina MiSeq Library Preparation, & Sequencing of Plankton Collected by the Invasion Ecology Laboratory, SERC
Sponsor: Smithsonian Environmental Research Center – $226,112  

James Harvey, Moss Landing Marine Laboratory
Suisun Marsh Waterfowl Science Investigations: Data Synthesis and Manuscript Preparation
Sponsor: U.S. Geological Survey – $50,000

Wesley Heim, Moss Landing Marine Laboratory
Sponsor: MLJ Environmental – $29,500

Adam Kochanski, Craig B. Clements, Meteorology & Climate Science
Evaluating and Improving Live and Dead Fuel Moisture Models for Use in Gridded Forecast Systems
Sponsor: U.S. Forest Service – $162,273

Birgitte McDonald, Moss Landing Marine Laboratory
Central Coast Stranding Response: Recovering from COVID
Sponsor: UC, Santa Cruz – $19,014

Robert B. Miller, Geology
EDMAP: Structure of Cretaceous Intrusive Suites, Mosquito Lake Area,
North-Central Sierra Nevada, California
Sponsor: U.S. Department of the Interior – $18,034

Madalyn Radlauer, Chemistry
LEAPS-MPS: Confinement of Organometallic Complexes within Structured Polymers for Site-Isolated Tandem Catalysis
Sponsor: National Science Foundation – $249, 678

Marco A. Sigala, Moss Landing Marine Laboratory
Delta RMP QA Services
Sponsor: MLJ Environmental – $64,185

Karen Singmaster, Chemistry
CSU SJSU LSAMP Program 2018-2021
Sponsor: CSU, Sacramento – $20,000

Karen Singmaster, Chemistry
CSU SJSU LSAMP Program 2018-2021
: CSU, Sacramento – $40,000

Timothy P. Stanton, Moss Landing Marine Laboratory
Long Term Observations of Upper Ocean Fluxes and Pycnocline Diffusivity in the Canada Basin Buoy Instrumentation 
Sponsor: Office of Naval Research – $60,000

Edward Thornton, Moss Landing Marine Laboratory
ROXSI: ROcky shores eXperiments and SImulations- Thornton Portion
Sponsor: UC San Diego – $26,949

Miguel Valero, Meteorology & Climate Science
Quantitative Measurement of Wildfire Behavior in the Field: Leveraging
Remote Sensing for Reproducible Observation and Improved Understanding
Sponsor: National Science Foundation – $188,197

Miri K. VanHoven, Biological Sciences
Olfactory Memory Acquisition Consolidation and Recall
Sponsor: UC San Francisco – $112,214 

College of Social Sciences

Anat Balint, History
Payment from the Israeli Consulate into the Jewish Studies Account
Sponsor: Consulate General Israel to Pacific NW – $2,000

Katherine Kao Cushing, Michael Oye, Environmental Studies
SoFA Pocket Park
Sponsor: Veggielution – $15,000

Katherine Kao Cushing, Environmental Studies
CommUniverCity: Community Leadership Program (CLP) 21-22
Sponsor: City of San Jose – $50,000

Jonathan Daniel Gomez, Mexican American Studies
2021 Ford Postdoctoral Fellowship
Sponsor: The National Academy of Sciences – $50,000

Sean P. Laraway, Psychology
Human Systems Integration: Collaborative Human Factors Research to Improve Safety, Efficiency, and Reliability of NASA's Aeronautics and Space Missions
Sponsor: NASA – $2,336,777

Leonard Lira, Younghee Park, Political Science
USC-SJSU ICCAE Consortium's National Security & Intelligence Scholars Research Program
Sponsor: University of Southern California – $25,000