Procurement Card (P-Card)

The Research Foundation's P-Card program provides you with a business credit card to use for frequent and routine purchases from vendors who accept Visa.

Using your P-Card streamlines the purchasing process and reduces paperwork and waiting time. A few benefits include:

  • Ability to obtain goods and services faster and more easily
  • No need to use your personal funds for purchases
  • Decreased need for cash advances (e.g. for meetings or travel)
  • Simplified expense reporting process
  • Convenient, secure, and flexible
  • Automatic recording of all purchases made by cardholder
  • Immediate payment to suppliers/vendors

How to Request a P-Card

Please contact your designated Research Foundation analyst if you are interested in obtaining a P-Card or begin the process here:

Complete a new application [pdf].

P-Card Guidelines

Our purchasing team provides procurement services for all projects and departments in accordance with the Research Foundation Purchasing Policies; state, federal, and sponsoring agencies’ guidelines; and good business practices.

Review the "Procurement Using Federal Funds" regulations [pdf].

P-Card Management

Access the forms you need related to the purchasing process: