Hiu Yung Wong

Hiu Yung Wong with students

Assistant Professor Hiu Yung Wong; Johan Saltin, ’20 MS Electrical Engineering; and Varada Kanchi, ’20 MS Electrical Engineering in the SJSU M-PAC lab.

Developing devices for deeper space survival

In his Multi-Physics and Circuit (M-PAC) lab, Hiu Yung Wong and his students are conducting research on topics ranging from Novel Ultra Wide Bandgap Power Devices to Reduce Carbon Footprints, to Cryogenic Electronics Modeling for Quantum Computing Interface, to Machine Learning in TCAD to Improve Fabrication Yield. This array of projects reflects Wong’s interest in developing novel materials, devices, and circuits for a more sustainable world.

While Wong was interested in astronomy and space technology from a young age, he eventually followed an academic and professional path into electrical engineering. After several years of working in the technology industry, he joined the faculty at SJSU and is now fully and enthusiastically engaged in teaching and research. 

“My students contribute very creative ideas, not only for research methodologies but also for device physics, specialized programming, microfabrication flow, and integrated circuit chip design. My research wouldn’t be possible without their dedication and involvement.” 

One of his lab’s primary activities is the hands-on study of radiation hardness and the reliability of electronic devices and circuits. At present, Wong and his students are applying device physics to examine and model how electronics and circuits behave in outer space. 

“All space mission electronics are vulnerable to radiation-induced damage over time,” he explains. “We are modeling and evaluating those damaging effects, as well as designing circuits that can self-heal after radiation damage is inflicted.”

The ultimate goal is to design electronic circuits that can survive the harsh radiative environment to enable the spaceship to explore the deeper space. 

“All these experiences at SJSU are helping me to move in the path that I dreamt of – to become a good analog design engineer.”

Varada Kanchi
’20 Electrical Engineering

SJSU Research Foundation 2020 Annual Report