February 2023 Grants and Contracts

We are pleased to share the success of SJSU's principal investigators who were awarded grants and contracts during February 2023:

Monthly Awards at a Glance
22 Awards Received: Valued at $3,799,848.

Note: Some industry-sponsored awards are not listed due to their respective non-disclosure terms.

Contracted Services 

Zamora, Jane, Associated Students 
CCAMPIS Grant 2021-2025 
Sponsor: U.S. Department of Education – $423,243. 

Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering

Guzun,Gheorghi, Computer Engineering 
CAREER: Scalable and Adaptable Sparsity-Driven Methods for More Efficient AI Systems 
Sponsor: National Science Foundation – $106,812. 

Huang, Goajian, Industrial and Systems Engineering 
Sponsor: Confidential – $55,805. 

Tiomkin, Stanislav, Computer Engineering 
NSF CRII RI: Interpretable Framework and Transformative Applications for Viability in Autonomous Agents 
Sponsor: National Science Foundation – $174,874. 

College of Health and Human Sciences

Drabble, Laurie, Health and Human Sciences, Dean’s Office 
A Unified Protocol to Address Sexual Minority Women’s Minority Stress, Mental Health and Hazardous Drinking 
Sponsor: Yale University – $19,206. 

Lee, Peter Allen, School of Social Work 
BHWET Integrated Behavioral Health MSW Stipend Program 
Sponsor: University of California, Berkeley – $26,313. 

Wolf, Jennifer, School of Social Work 
Changes in Alcohol Use and Harsh Parenting during COVID-19 
Sponsor: Ohio State University – $70,800. 

College of Professional and Global Education

Shams, Shayan, Applied Data Science 
Employing Artificial Intelligence to Predict Clinical Outcomes in Ovarian Cancer 
Sponsor: Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance – $900,000. 

College of Science

Carroll, Dustin, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories 
Impacts of Changing Sea-Ice on Arctic Ocean Biology 
Sponsor: Jet Propulsion Laboratory – $47,236. 

Carroll, Dustin, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories 
Ocean Carbon Sink Variability: Internal vs. Forced Mechanisms 
Sponsor: Columbia University – $30,871. 

Clements, Craig B., Meteorology and Climate Science 
METOPS- Analyze 30 YR Climatology 2KM WRF Model (2047625) 
Sponsor: Pacific Gas and Electric Company – $509,301. 

Harvey, James, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories 
Suisun Marsh Waterfowl Science Investigations: Data Synthesis and Manuscript Preparation 
Sponsor: U.S. Geological Survey – $45,000. 

Huynh, Frank, Biological Sciences 
Regulation of Mammary Gland Development by Sirtuin 4 
Sponsor: National Institutes of Health – $146,500. 

Kochanski, Adam, Meteorology and Climate Science  
Integration and Evaluation of WRF-SFIRE Application for Interoperability in Wildfire Decision Making 
Sponsor: Colorado State University – $?. 

Kochanski, Adam, Meteorology and Climate Science 
Predictive Physics-Based Modeling Framework For Biomass Combustions in Wildfire Conditions 
Sponsor: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory – $92,134. 

Lehmkuhl-Dakhwe, Virginia / Chakarov, Alexandra / Moh, Melody, Science, Dean’s Office 
CS4NorthCal: Scaling an Evidence-based Model for Teacher Preparation & Support to Provide Equitable & Inclusive CS Ed. In California High Schools 
Sponsor: San Francisco State University – $343,160. 

Orescanin, Mara, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories 
Estuary Inlet Evolution & Dynamics – Year 2 Amendment
Sponsor: University of California, San Diego – $33,768. 

College of Social Sciences

Carr, Valerie, Psychology 
Hippocampal Subfields Segmentation Summit 
Sponsor: National Institutes of Health – $10,000. 

Laraway, Sean P., Psychology 
Task Order No. 03- AS20-01509 
Sponsor: ASRC Federal – $41,032. 

Rondilla, Joanne, Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences 
Asian American Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander OHANA Center of Excellence on Empowering Behavioral Health  
Sponsor: San José State University – $437,008. 

Snycerski Susan M., Psychology 
Future Vertical Lift: Collaborative Research on Flight Control, Autonomous Rotorcraft, and Human-Systems Interface Design 
Sponsor: NASA – $250,019. 

Vice President of the Office of the Provost for Academic and Student Affairs

Del Casino, Vincent / Amirkulova, Feruza, Provost’s Office 
ADVANCE Partnership: Kindling Inter-University Networks for Diverse (KIND) Engineering Faculty Advancement in the California State University System 
Sponsor: California State University, Fresno – $25,290.