July 2021 Grants and Contracts

We are pleased to share the success of SJSU's principal investigators who were awarded grants and contracts during July 2021:

Monthly Awards at a Glance:
32 Awards Received: Valued at $6,140,172

Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering

Wenbin Wei, Aviation and Technology
Smart Vertiplex for Advanced Air Mobility at NASA Ames Research Center
Sponsor: University Space Research Association – $9,905

College of Health and Human Sciences

Jennifer Schachner, Department of Kinesiology
Education Stabilization Fund
Sponsor: Department of Education – $145,000

Older Americans Act Funding - Sourcewise -Timpany Center- San José State University Research Foundation
Sponsor: Sourcewise – $55,518

Peter Lee, Social Work School
Title IV-E Child Welfare Training 2020-2022
Sponsor: UC, Berkeley – $1,783,190

College of Professional and Global Education

Leann Cherkasky-Makhni, Office of International Programs
Support for Covid 19 Response – IHouse
Sponsor: San Jose State University – $428,702

College of Science

Aaron Romanowsky, Physics & Astronomy
The Stellar Population Gradients of Ultra-diffuse Galaxies
Sponsor: Jet Propulsion Laboratory – $12,650

Abraham Wolcott, Chemistry
Supporting Active Learning in Introductory STEM Courses with Extended Reality
Sponsor: National Science Foundation – $195,458

Dustin Carroll, Moss Landing Marine Lab
Collaborative Research: Improving Estimates of Greenland’s Freshwater Flux: Where do Icebergs Form and Where Do They Melt?
Sponsor: National Science Foundation – $56,123

Impacts of Changing Sea-Ice on Arctic Ocean Biology
Sponsor: Jet Propulsion Laboratory – $45,457

Craig Clements, Meteorology & Climate Science
Collaborative Proposal: Sundowner Winds Experiment in Santa Barbara, CA (SWEX)
Sponsor: National Science Foundation – $80,734

Craig Clements, Amanda Stasiewicz, Adam Kochanski, and Kate Wilkin, Meteorology & Climate Science
IUCRC Phase I: San José State University: Wildfire Interdisciplinary Research Center (WIRC)
Sponsor: National Science Foundation – $149,997

Ellen Metzger, Sen Chiao, Carlie Pietsch, and Leanne Teruya, Geology
GP-UP: Strengthening Pathways to Geoscience Degrees for Underrepresented Pre-College and Introductory Students Through Experiential Learning and Career-informed Research
Sponsor: National Science Foundation – $204,041

Gina Quan, Physics & Astronomy
Collaborative Research: Access Expansion: Growing a Network of Equity-Focused Programs in the Physical Sciences
Sponsor: National Science Foundation – $45,047

James Harvey, Moss Landing Marine Lab
Estuarine Wetland and Nearshore Ecology Studies along the Pacific Flyway
Sponsor: Department of Interior – $65,000

Jennifer Johnston, Biological Sciences
Identification of Novel Safe Harbors to be Used in a Gene Editing Strategy for the Treatment of Hemophilia A
Sponsor: Department of Health & Human Services – $146,500

Jenifer Zeligs, Moss Landing Marine Lab
Locomotion and Transitions of an Amphibious System: Biologic to Robotic
Sponsor: West Chester University – $20,000

Jonathan Geller, Moss Landing Marine Lab
DNA Extraction, Illumina MiSeq Library Preparation, & Sequencing of Plankton Collected by the Invasion Ecology Laboratory
Sponsor: Smithsonian Environmental Research Center – $48,500

Jonathan Prince, Moss Landing Marine Lab
NSF IPA Assignment
Sponsor: National Science Foundation – $98,943

Michael Kaufman, Science, Dean's Office
An upGREAT Map in M20: [OI] and [CII] Emission from a Young Star Forming Region - Cycle 9
Sponsor: University Space Research Association – $19,600

Minghui Diao, Meteorology & Climate Science
Advancing the Understanding of Cloud Microphysical Processes and Aerosol Indirect Effects in High-Latitude Mixed-Phase Clouds
Sponsor: Department of Energy – $247,126

Miri Van Hoven, Biological Sciences
The Effect of Sleep on Neural Circuit Connections
Sponsor: UC, San Francisco – $180,333

Scott Hamilton, Moss Landing Marine Lab
Evaluating Performance of California’s MPA Network through the Lens of Sandy Beach and Surf Zone Ecosystems
Sponsor: UC, Santa Barbara – $10,938

Wesley Heim, Moss Landing Marine Lab
Provide Collection of Fish per Species for Tissue Contamination Testing at Seven Lakes
Sponsor: Sacramento Municipal Utility District – $96,000

Wesley Maciejewski, Mathematics & Statistics
ECR DBER DCL: Mathematical Flexibility In UndergraduateECR DBER DCL: Mathematical Flexibility In Undergraduate Education
Sponsor: National Science Foundation – $624,95

College of Social Sciences

Bruce Olszewski, Environmental Studies
Recycling/Reuse Hotline and Website for Santa Clara County
Sponsor: City of Morgan Hill – $105,000

Carolina Prado, Environmental Studies
Career Enhancement Fellowship for Junior Faculty
Sponsor: The Tower Foundation of SJSU – $31,500

Katherine Cushing and Michael Oye, Environmental Studies
Vaccine Outreach
Sponsor: City of San José – $60,000

Kerry Rohrmeier and Jan English-Lueck, Urban & Regional Planning
Mosaic America Culture Map
Sponsor: Sangam Arts – $101,558

Sean Laraway, Psychology
Test Subject Recruitment Office – Task 1
Sponsor: ASRC Federal – $63,613

Human Systems Integration: Collaborative Human Factors Research to Improve Safety, Efficiency, and Reliability of NASA's
Sponsor: NASA – $858,556

University Programs

Elena Klaw, Undergraduate Studies (Curriculum & Assessment)
San José State University (SJSU) Civic Action Fellows formerly known as AmeriCorps Civic Engagement Fellows (ACE Fellows @ SJSU)
Sponsor: California Volunteers – $133,797

Tom Reisz, Undergraduate Studies (Curriculum & Assessment)
Early Start Program - Summer Skill Building Activity SJSU 2021
Sponsor: California State University System for $16,434