March 2021 Grants and Contracts

We are pleased to share the success of SJSU's principal investigators who were awarded grants and contracts during March 2021:

Monthly Awards at a Glance:
21 Awards Received: Valued at $5,780,343

Lucas College and Graduate School of Business

Dan Moshavi and Karen E. Philbrick, Business, Dean's Office
Mineta Consortium for Transportation Mobility (MCTM)
Sponsor: CA State,  Department of Transportation – $86,087

Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering

Alessandro Bellofiore, Biomedical Engineering
A Comprehensive Testing Platform for Mechanical Heart Valves to Propel Innovation towards Anticoagulant-Independence
Sponsor: Department of Health and Human Services – $256,375

Nima Karimianbahnemiri, Computer Engineering
CRII: SaTC: Physical Side-Channel Attacks in Biometric Systems
Sponsor: National Science Foundation – $174,428

Anil R. Kumar, Industrial & Systems Engineering
Supportive Interface Design Guidelines
Sponsor: Honda Research Institute – $77,468

Remote Human Factors Validation Study of 3 mg Sumatriptan Autoinjector, for Migraine Patients
Sponsor: Noble, an Aptar Pharma Company – $19,726

Anand Ramasubramanian, Wendy Lee, and Sang-Joon (John) Lee, Biomedical, Chemical and Material Engineering
Thrombosis in Microgravity
Sponsor: NASA – $50,000

Jinny Rhee and Matthew Stowe, Engineering, Dean's Office
MESA Engineering Program (MEP) - Academic Year 2020-2021
Sponsor: Regents of the University of California – $10,000

College of Professional & Global Studies

Lee C. Chang, Applied Data Science
San José Data Strategy Pilot
Sponsor: City of San José – $20, 280

College of Science

Walter Adams, Biological Sciences
Microbial and Host Factors that Promote Epithelial Disruption and S. pneumoniae Transit out of the Lung
Sponsor: National Institutes of Health – $146,500

Maya Devries, Scott L. Hamilton, and Michael Graham, Biological Sciences
Strengthening Sustainability in an Acidified Ocean: Does the Co-Culture of Seaweeds and Shellfish Improve Shell Integrity in Farmed Red Abalone?
Sponsor: UC, San Diego – $60,000

Maxime Grand and Luke Gardner, Moss Landing Marine Lab
Evaluating the Contribution of Seaweed Aquaculture to Regional and Global Bromoform Production Rates
Sponsor: UC, San Diego – $59,445

Frank Huynh, Biological Sciences 
Regulation of Mammary Gland Development by Sirtuin 4
Sponsor: National Institutes of Health – $146,500

Adam Kochanski and Ali Tohidi, Meteorology & Climate
Collaborative Research: Biomass Burning Smoke as a Driver of Multi-scale Microbial Teleconnections
Sponsor: National Science Foundation – $99,783

Birgitte McDonald, Moss Landing Marine Lab
Coll. Res.: At-Sea Experimental Disturbances to Characterize Physiological Plasticity in Diving Northern Elephant Seals
Sponsor: National Science Foundation – $9,963

Laura C. Miller-Conrad, Chemistry
Blocking Cationic Antimicrobial Peptide-Resistance in Pseudomonas Chemistry Aeruginosa
Sponsor: National Institutes of Health – $104,550

Alberto A. Rascon Jr., Chemistry
Vector Control Strategy Through Inhibition of Aedes aegypti Midgut Proteases
Sponsor: National Institutes of Health – $109,875

Aaron J. Romanowsky, Physics & Astronomy
The Color-Magnitude Diagram of an Extremely Metal-Poor Globular Cluster
Sponsor: Space Telescope Science Institute – $51,730

Edward Thornton, Moss Landing Marine Lab
Coastal Land-Air-Sea Interaction- Thornton Portion
Sponsor: Office of Naval Research – $44,634

Annalise L. Van Wyngarden, Chemistry
American Chemical Society Summer School in Nuclear and Radiochemistry
Sponsor: City University of New York – $100,168

Yan Zhang and Dashiell Fryer, Mathematics & Statistics 
Gas Price Analysis of Ethereum Fee Markets
Sponsor: Ethereum Foundation – $25,000

College of Social Sciences

Sean P. Laraway, Psychology
Human Systems Integration: Collaborative Human Factors Research to Improve the Safety, Efficiency, and Reliability of NASA's Aeronautics and Space Missions
Sponsor: NASA – $4,127,831