Self-Support Programs

A broad range of education-related activities that are non-state-funded are directed by SJSU faculty, administrators or senior foundation managers, and are typically underwritten by user and services fees or by the SJSU Research Foundation. These self-support programs, formerly referred to as "campus programs," enhance SJSU's educational mission, and enrich the university's learning environment.

Self-Support programs have specific objectives and research, scholarship, and creative activities that are subject to applicable federal and state laws, as well as CSU, SJSU, and SJSU Research Foundation policies in their execution (e.g. laws and policies for hiring of project staff.)

Self-Support Program Activities

Examples of Self-Support program activities include:

  • Seminars, conferences, and workshops delivered by faculty or administrators
  • Faculty development and specialized training (non-academic credit)
  • Special events

The Self-Support Programs Team

The Self-Support Programs team does the following:

  • Provides financial oversight and management of non-state funded activities underwritten by user or service fees or by the SJSU Research Foundation.
  • Sets up 30 and 50 series accounts.
  • Monitors funds and transactions to ensure that the project is in compliance with required policies.
  • Advises principal investigators, staff and administrators on policies and procedures.
  • Serves as liaison between principal investigator and other departments (such as HR, Payroll, and Accounting) on transactions.
  • Closes out accounts.

Establishing Self-Support Projects

Funds for self-support projects are normally generated from registration, user, or service fees. Establishing a new account for a self-support project requires a meeting between the PI or project director and the self-support program analyst or director to discuss the project purpose, goals, and the proposed revenue sources. The self-support project administration fee is currently 7%. The fee is assessed per expenditure as each expenditure occurs.

The information provided will allow Research Foundation staff to make a determination to ensure that the source of funds are those that the Research Foundation has the authority to administer, to conduct a preliminary risk assessment of the project requirements, including the need for special or off-site facilities, major contracting, construction/renovation or other special requirements. The program analyst will assist the PI or project director in completing the required forms and documents. 

Initiating Your Project or Activity

Regardless of the source of funds, agreements must be made with your funding source to ensure that the funds are spent in such a way that they meet the donor's needs and wishes. For more information on establishing accounts(s) and agreements for self-supported activities, as well as information on opening your self-support activity account, please contact Self-Support Manager, Ricky Yoneda at

Request/Agreement for Self-Support Project Account [pdf]