Hyeran Jeon

Energy Efficient Data Centers

Hyeran Jeon, SJSUIn a new collaboration with UC Riverside, Hyeran Jeon and a team of SJSU students will be researching ways to improve the energy efficiency of data center servers and power distribution networks. SJSU students are contributing to the project by integrating and running workloads on SJSU’s simulation servers and developing the proposed migration systems.

Jeon and her colleagues on the grant determined early on that SJSU would be an ideal place to start their research.

“As SJSU is at the center of the Silicon Valley and has a huge student body, we thought the SJSU data center would be the good place to implement our design. That began our journey.”

However, the application is in no way limited to SJSU. The system being developed will bring down consumption and costs for other data centers in U.S.

As for Jeon’s journey, she is thrilled to have studied in the U.S., to be living in Silicon Valley and to be teaching and conducting research at SJSU. “SJSU has a special environment where faculty and students collaborate, where we work with nearby innovative companies, and where the profound evolution of computers is taking place.”



Student Research

SJSU Student Aditya Sunil Choudhari

"As industry moves towards cloud-based services, data center energy efficiency will play a big role in sustainability of the cloud-based business by significantly saving electricity costs. The potential effect this research might have on the industry in the near future is huge."

Aditya Sunil Choudhari
’18 MS Computer Engineering

SJSU Student Abhishek Singh"We are working on data center workload balancing using deep learning. The intent is to smartly balance load across multiple servers to reach better energy efficiency, thus reducing power consumption. Because it is a hot topic in industry, getting to work on this at an academic level is a great opportunity."

Abhishek Singh
’18 MS Computer Engineering

SJSU Research Foundation Annual Report 2018