January 2023 Grants and Contracts

We are pleased to share the success of SJSU's principal investigators who were awarded grants and contracts during January 2023:

Monthly Awards at a Glance
23 Awards Received: Valued at $8,293,714.

Note: Some industry-sponsored awards are not listed due to their respective non-disclosure terms.

Lucas College and Graduate School of Business

Philbrick, Karen E. / Nixon, Hillary, Business, Dean’s Office
Senate Bill 1 (CSU Lead Center) 
Sponsor: California State University System – $2,000,000.


Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering

Al-Manaseer, Akthem, Civil and Environmental Engineering 
CSULB and SJSU Joint Training & Certification Program for Caltrans and Industry 
Sponsor: California State University, Long Beach Foundation – $223,157.

Liu, Hongrui, Industrial and Systems Engineering 
Proposal to Test/Research Market Clearing Systems For ISO New England 
Sponsor: ISO New England – $25,000.

Mak, Ronald, Computer Engineering
Sponsor: CONFIDENTIAL – $36,337.00

College of Health and Human Sciences

Jensen, Areum, Kinesiology 
The Role of Sympathetic Nervous System Activity on Blood Pressure Regulation in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder 
Sponsor: National Institutes of Health – $124,930. 

Lee, Peter Allen, Social Work
Title IV-E Child Welfare Training 2022-2024 
Sponsor: University of California, Berkeley – $1,812,160.

College of Humanities and the Arts

Coleman,James Josh / Jarvie, Scott, English and Comparative Literature 
San José Area Writing Project 2022-2023 – Federal 
Sponsor: Regents of the  University of California – $39,089. 

Wright, Shannon / Hughes, Barbara, Art and Art History 
Bay Area California Arts Project (BayCAP) 
Sponsor: Regents of the  University of California – $65,000.

College of Science

Clark, Ross P., Moss Landing Marine Lab 
Building Capacity for Assessing Wetland Recovery Efforts in Supporting Regional Wetland Health and Resiliency 
Sponsor: State Coastal Conservancy – $29,071. 

Connolly, Thomas, Moss Landing Marine Lab 
Collaborative Research: Submesoscale Frontal Dynamics and Exchange at an Upwelling Bay 
Sponsor: National Science Foundation – $405,733. 

Diao, Minghui, Meteorology and Climate Science 
Aerosol Indirect Effects on Cirrus Clouds Based on NASA Flight Campaigns and Global Climate Models 
Sponsor: NASA – $79,606.

Kaufman, Michael J., Science, Dean’s Office 
Astronomical Infrared Bands as Calibrated Probes of Astrophysical Conditions in the JWST-era with The NASA Ames PAH IR Spectroscopic Database 
Sponsor: NASA – $31,802. 

Romanowsky, Aaron J., Physics and Astronomy 
Unravelling the Origins of Cluster Ultra-diffuse Galaxies 
Sponsor: Jet Propulsion Laboratory – $14,850. 

Sigala, Marco A., Moss Landing Marine Lab 
2022 TNA Reporting 
Sponsor: Central Coast Water Quality Preservation, Inc. – $87,000. 

Singmaster, Karen A., Chemistry 
CSU SJSU LSAMP Program 2018-2023 
Sponsor: California State University, Sacramento – $40,000. and $20,000. 

Spitzer, Julie S., Mathematics and Statistics 
Santa Clara Valley Mathematics Project FY 22-23 (ESSA federal funds) 
Sponsor: Regents of the University of California – $24,223. 

Walsh, Elizabeth, Meteorology and Climate Science 
Collaborative Research: The Role of the Southern Ocean in 
Late Miocene Climate Change 
Sponsor: National Science Foundation – $192,832. 

College of Social Sciences

Kwan, Yvonne, Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Science 
AAPI Activist Perspectives: Collective Community Storytelling in Japantown, San José 
Sponsor: San José Downtown Association – $3,042,924. 

Laraway, Sean P., Psychology
Human Systems Integration: Collaborative Human Factors Research to Improve Safety, Efficiency & Reliability of NASA’s Aeronautics & Space Missions: Phase 2 
Sponsor: NASA  – $2,488,859. 

Mulvaney, Dustin Robert, Environmental Studies 
Hydrosocial Dynamics and Environmental Justice in Water-Energy Transitions 
Sponsor: Portland State University – $84,065. 

Snycerski, Susan M., Psychology 
Future Vertical Lift: Collaborative Research on Flight Control, Autonomous Rotorcraft, and Human-Systems Interface Design 
Sponsor: NASA  – $350,000. 

Stevenson, Margaret, Justice Studies 
San José State University Research Foundation (SJSURF) Service Navigation- 2022-2023 
Sponsor: Santa Clara County – $100,000.