Principal Investigator Orientation

The Research Foundation provides orientation sessions, to give principal investigators (PIs) an opportunity to meet the Sponsored Programs manager and other staff who will assist them through the remaining phases of the project life cycle. The managers will review roles and responsibilities, compliance and reporting requirements, and additional avenues of support provided by the Research Foundation Human Resources andFinance and Accounting teams.

Principal investigators leading self-support projects will have an opportunity to provide further details regarding project purpose, goals, and the proposed revenue sources and uses. All Self-Support projects must comply with the applicable guidelines, policies and procedures of the SJSU Research Foundation, CSU Policy 13680 in the Integrated CSU Administrative Manual (ICSUAM), and CSU Executive Order 1059. The PI is required to complete and submit a Request/Agreement for Self-Support Project Account [pdf], available on the Research Foundation Forms web page. The completed form will be reviewed and approved for compliance with CSU, SJSU, and SJSU Research Foundation policies regarding self-support activities by the Office of Sponsored Programs director and the SJSU AVP of Finance.

Upon receipt of the fully signed Request/Agreement Self-Support Project Account form the Self-Support manager will initiate opening the account including assignment of an account number and contact the PI with the information. The Self-Support manager will be the point of contact to administer the activities of the account.