The Research Foundation Nepotism Policy [pdf] provides guidance and directives regarding nepotism in the workplace. As defined in the policy, “nepotism in the workplace occurs when an employee in a supervisory or managerial position with an employer favors their relatives working for the same employer in making employment decisions on the basis of kinship, because they are a family member or a close friend of the person in position or power, without giving due consideration to their qualifications or merit.” The Research Foundation reserves the right to determine that other relationships not specifically covered by this policy represent potential conflicts of interest as well.

The Research Foundation’s Nepotism Policy has been established to reduce the potential for such favoritism and to avoid an actual or perceived conflict of interest. The policy also helps to ensure that no Research Foundation employee will be permitted to directly supervise, evaluate, appraise, assess, promote or discipline his or her relative(s).

For further details, refer to the Research Foundation Nepotism Policy on the Research Foundation Policies web page.