Proposal Submission Timeline

Proposals are due on specific dates as determined by the sponsoring agency. Sponsors will not consider late proposals. It is essential that investigators plan well in advance to allow ample time for a detailed proposal review (full review) and the required routing process, as well as time to meet the sponsoring agency’s deadlines. 

The Proposal Submission Timeline Chart [pdf] guides you through planning, preparation (including requirements for budgets, letters of intent, and subaward documents), the on-campus institutional review (routing) process, and proposal submission.

Proposal Submission Milestones 

25 Days Before the Sponsor's Deadline

Review the program solicitation and generate the project concept. Contact your dean and chair to discuss your project, and email your designated proposal development specialist notifying him or her of your intent to submit a proposal.

20 Days Before 

Meet with your Pre-Award specialist to review guidelines, create a plan for developing your proposal, and begin planning the research budget. This is also a good time to contact university administrators regarding any aspects of your research project that may affect the university, such as facilities, information technology, or controlled substances.

15-20 Days Before 

With the assistance of your Pre-Award specialist, prepare the preliminary budget. Finalize budget considerations such as cost share and release time.

10-15 Days Before

Share your narrative and budget for peer review.

7-10 Days Before 

To allow routing to begin on schedule, work with your designated Pre-Award specialist at least seven to ten (7-10) working days prior to the sponsor’s submission deadline, to finalize project budget and submit a completed narrative that addresses all elements of the proposed scope including all attachments and specific details such as cost share or use of required facilities. Also check with your college for internal routing requirements that may apply. Depending on the nature and complexity of the proposal, colleges may require additional time for review.

3 Days Before 

To help ensure error-free on time submission, submit the final completed proposal package to the Office of Sponsored Programs at least three (3) working days before the sponsor’s mandated proposal submission deadline.

2 Days Before 

The completed proposal package will be submitted to the sponsor two (2) working days before the sponsor’s mandated proposal submission deadline.

For complete timeline details, review the Proposal Timeline Chart in its entirety. 

For assistance or additional information on the planning, developing, or the submitting phase, please contact us.

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