Award Negotiation and Setup

When you receive the good news that you have been selected for a grant, the award negotiation phase begins, followed by project setup.

Award and Contract Negotiation

The designated Pre-Award specialist will ensure that all final, fully executed contracts and awards are in the best interest of San José State University and the Research Foundation.

During this review, the OSP team references a standard checklist to ensure all terms and conditions are acceptable to all parties, including the sponsoring agency. Items on this list include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Terms, budget, and statement of work
  • Dollar amount and, if applicable, carryover
  • Invoicing and reporting requirements
  • Restrictions on academic freedom and right to publish
  • Intellectual property and commercialization of research projects
  • Assessment of risk and insurance requirements

Project Setup

When a project has been funded, the assigned Research Foundation Post-Award analyst will assist the principal investigator and their team in managing the administrative and financial details of their projects throughout the duration.

New Principal Investigator Orientation

During the new principal investigator orientation, you will meet with your Post-Award analyst to review roles and responsibilities, compliance and reporting, and additional avenues of support from the Research Foundation's Human Resources and Accounting teams.

PIs leading self-supported projects will provide further details about purpose, goals, and revenue sources and uses.

Project Account Setup and Structure

The next step is opening up your account. The Post-Award analyst will assist with setting up and managing accounts for all awarded sponsored projects. The Self-Support Programs manager will assist with setting up and managing all self-supported projects. Investigators leading self-supported projects must first complete and submit the Request/Agreement for Self-Support Project Account [pdf] form. The chart below describes structure and details on account types.

Account Structure Details

Project account numbers contain ten digits:

  • The first two digits represent the specific accounting fund
  • The second set of digits represents the associated academic department
  • The last set of digits is randomly assigned to distinguish one account from another

For example, in #21-1501-4677 the 21 = federal funds and the 1501 represents biology.

Prefix Grantor/Funds Type Account Manager
21 Federal Post-Award analyst
22 State of California Post-Award analyst
23 Nonprofit Foundation Post-Award analyst
24 Privary Industry Post-Award analyst
25 Other Government Post-Award analyst
26 Cost-Share Post-Award analyst
34 Self-Support: General Self-Support Programs manager
35 Self-Support: Sponsor-related Self-Support Programs manager
37 Self-Support: Agency-related Self-Support Programs manager
51 Self-Support: Deans/Chairs Self-Support Programs manager
53 Self-Support: Pls Self-Support Programs manager
55 Self-Support: Other Programs Self-Support Programs manager

Information Sharing and Agreements

Whenever an exchange of information or data is involved in a sponsored project, principal investigators should work with their project manager to ensure the appropriate confidentiality agreements are properly established and have been approved by all parties.

For assistance or additional information about award negotiation or project setup, please contact us.

Other Steps and Resources