February 2022 Grants and Contracts

We are pleased to share the success of SJSU's principal investigators who were awarded grants and contracts during February 2022:

Monthly Awards at a Glance
30 Awards Received: Valued at $9,548,900.


Dan Moshavi, Karen E. Philbrick, Business, Dean's Office
Senate Bill 1 (CSU Lead Center)
Sponsor: California State University System – $2,000,000.

Karen E. Philbrick, Business, Dean's Office
MTC Leadership Academy Training
Sponsor: Metropolitan Transportation Commission – $330,000.


Gautam Kumar, Biomedical, Chemical & Materials Engineering
CONTROL-CORE: A Modular Simulation Environment for Design and Prototyping of Closed-loop Peripheral Neuromodulation Control Systems using the O2S2PARC Platform
Sponsor: Emory University – $118,228.

Dan Nathan-Roberts, Industrial & Systems Engineering
UserWise Training Decay Grant
Sponsor: UserWise – <$45,330.>

Nicole Okamoto, Mathew Stowe, Engineering, Dean's Office
MESA Engineering Program (MEP) - Academic Year 2020-2021
Sponsor: Regents of The University of California – $10,000.

Liat Rosenfeld, Folarin Erogbogbo, Yawo Ezunkpe, Biomedical, Chemical & Materials Engineering
XR-FLC Faculty Participants
Sponsor: California State University, Fresno – $9,000.

Health and Human Sciences

Moctezuma Garcia, Social Work School
Community Network Driven COVID-19 Testing among Most Vulnerable Populations in the Central United States
Sponsor: University of Chicago – $3,395.

Areum Jensen, Department of Kinesiology
The Role of Sympathetic Nervous System Activity on Blood Pressure Regulation in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Sponsor: National Institutes of Health – $140,439.

Humanities & The Arts

James (Josh) Coleman, English & Comparative Literature
San Jose Area Writing Project 2021-2022 - ESSA/ Federal
Sponsor: Regents of The University of California – $39,082.

Office of Research

Michael Muthig, Office of Research
The Spartan SBDC
Sponsor: Humboldt State University Sponsored Programs Foundation – $281,250 ($206,500. + $74,750.)


Dustin Carroll, Moss Landing Marine Lab
Impacts of Changing Sea-Ice on Arctic Ocean Biology
Sponsor: Jet Propulsion Laboratory – $45,458.
Analysis of the Role of Diel Vertical Migrators in the Marine Biological Pump
Sponsor: Brown University – $44,397.

Craig B. Clements, Sen Chiao, Patrick Brown, Meteorology & Climate
Science METOPS - Analyze 30 YR Climatology 2KM WRF Model (2047625)
Sponsor: Pacific Gas & Electric Company – $503,015.

Michael E. Feinholz, Mark Yarbrough, Moss Landing Marine Lab
Marine Optical Buoy (MOBY) Operations and Technology Refresh
Sponsor: University of Miami – $2,412,010.

Alejandro L. Garcia, Physics & Astronomy
Stochastic and Hybrid Models and Algorithms for Fluids
Sponsor: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories – $125,470.

Luke Gardner, Moss Landing Marine Lab
Elkhorn Slough Tidal Marsh Restoration: Phase III
Sponsor: Elkhorn Slough Foundation – $280,000.

Scott L. Hamilton, Moss Landing Marine Lab
Validating Age and Growth of Captive Fishes from Mexican Waters at the Monterey Bay Aquarium
Sponsor: Monterey Bay Aquarium – $9,000.

James Harvey, Moss Landing Marine Lab
Suisun Marsh Waterfowl Science Investigations: Data Synthesis and Manuscript Preparation
Sponsor: U.S. Geological Survey – $40,000.

Wesley A. Heim, Autumn L. Bonnema, Moss Landing Marine Lab
LA River and San Gabriel Watershed Fish Collections - Aquatic Bioassay
Sponsor: Aquatic Bioassay & Consulting Laboratories, Inc. – $23,060.

Ehsan Khatami, Physics & Astronomy
AI and Data Science Enabled Predictive Modeling of Collective Phenomena in Strongly Correlated Quantum Materials
Sponsor: University of Tennessee – $74,276.

Adam Kochanski, Meteorology & Climate Science
Datasets of Weather and Wildfire Fuel for California
Sponsor: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories – $49,930.

Adam Kochanski, Craig B. Clements, Meteorology & Climate Science
Measuring and Modeling Smoke Plumes and Emissions based on Aggregated, Object-based Fuel Structures
Sponsor: U.S. Forest Service – $73,765.

Annalise L. Van Wyngarden, Chemistry
American Chemical Society Summer School in Nuclear and Radiochemistry
Sponsor: City University of New York – $103,102.

Social Sciences

Sean P. Laraway, Psychology
Vertical Motion Simulator Research Assistance
Sponsor: SkyTran, Inc. – $18,401.
Human Systems Integration: Collaborative Human Factors Research to Improve Safety, Efficiency, and Reliability of NASA's  Aeronautics and Space Missions
Sponsor: NASA – $2,530,311.
Test Subject Recruitment Office - Task Order No. 2
Sponsor: ASRC Management Services – $20,641.

Susan M. Snycerski, Psychology
Future Vertical Lift: Collaborative Research on Flight Control, Autonomous Rotorcraft, and Human-Systems Interface Design
Sponsor: NASA – $200,000.

Margaret Stevenson, Justice Studies
San Jose State University Research Foundation (SJSURF) Parole Grant 2021-2022
Sponsor: Santa Clara County – $100,000.

University Library

Kathy Blackmer, University Library
Restoring the AAACNA Studies Center Humanities Programming University Library
Sponsor: American Library Association – $10,000.