September 2022 Grants and Contracts

We are pleased to share the success of SJSU's principal investigators who were awarded grants and contracts during September 2022:

Monthly Awards at a Glance
26 Awards Received: Valued at $7,100,958.

Lucas College and Graduate School of Business

Karen E.Philbrick, Business, Dean's Office 
Mineta Consortium for Transportation Mobility (MCTM) TO 022 
Sponsor: CA State, Dept of Transportation – $69,955.

Karen E.Philbrick, Business, Dean's Office 
Mineta Consortium for Transportation Mobility (MCTM) TO 023
Sponsor: CA State, Dept of Transportation – $158,729.

Connie L. Lurie College of Education

Allison Briceno, Teacher Education 
Cultivating and Sustaining Biliteracy And Bilingualism in Multilingual Youth
Sponsor: Santa Clara University – $63,260.

Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering

Chang Y Choo, Electrical Engineering
Study of Resource Allocation Schemes for AI-Based Self-Configuration in Ultra-Dense Small Cell Systems
Sponsor: Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute – $40,000.

Katy Kao, Biomedical, Chemical & Materials Engineering
Adaptive Evolution of Candida Biofilms
Sponsor: National Institutes of Health – $138,040.

Michael Oye, Biomedical, Chemical & Materials Engineering
Community Planning: Guadalupe River Park Conservancy
Sponsor: Guadalupe River Park Conservancy – $15,000. 

Jonathan Ponniah, Electrical Engineering 
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Smallsat/UAV Swarm Motion Control
Sponsor: Lockheed Missiles & Space Co. – $20,000.

College of Health and Human Sciences

Miranda Worthen, Soma De Bourbon, Health Science and Recreation
CIVIC-PG Track B: Strengthening Community Paramedicine Services through Action Research: Pathfinding for Patients in Complex Crises
Sponsor: National Science Foundation – $49,974.

Office of Research

Abby Queale, Sponsored Programs Foundation
The Spartan SBDC
Sponsor: Office of Research Humboldt State University – ($156,250.)  
(three transactions) 

College of Professional and Global Education

Anthony Chow, School of Information 
Reading Nation Waterfall 
Sponsor: Institute of Museum and Library Services – $633,305.

College of Science

Nathaniel Bogie, Geology
Deep Connections: Studying Deep Recharge and Healthy Soil Management Practices in California
Sponsor: Regents of the University of California – $10,000.

Craig B. Clements, Meteorology & Climate Science
Wildfire Interdisciplinary Research Center 
Sponsor: U.S. Department of Commerce – $1,150,000.

Wesley A. Heim, Moss Landing Marine Lab
PG&E Diablo Canyon Power Plant Project 
Sponsor: Pacific Gas & Electric Company – $347,636.

Michael J. Kaufman, Science, Dean's Office
Astronomical Infrared Bands as Calibrated Probes of Astrophysical Conditions in the JWST-era with The NASA Ames PAH IR Spectroscopic Database
Sponsor: NASA – $291,371. (two awards)

Michael J. Kaufman, Christiaan Boersma, Science, Dean's Office
NIRSpec IFU: Deuterated PAHs, PAH-nitriles, and PAH Overtone and Combination Bands (ID 1591)
Sponsor: Space Telescope Science Institute – $109,840.

Cassandra A. Paul, Gina Quan, Resa Kelly, Jennifer Avena, Physics & Astronomy
Agents of Change: Faculty-Learning Assistant Partnerships Supporting Active, Engaging, Equitable Learning Environments
Sponsor: California State University System – $221,969.

Cassandra A. Paul, Tammie Visintainer, Marcos Pizarro, Katherine Wilkinson, Physics & Astronomy 
Transforming Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Through Culturally Sustaining, Active, and Asset-Based Approaches to Introductory Science Courses
Sponsor: National Science Foundation – $433,431.

Roger H. Terrill, Chemistry
Enhanced Coating Technology
Sponsor: Sahajanand Technologies Private Limited – $4,000.

Abraham Wolcott, Chemistry
Supporting Active Learning in Introductory STEM Courses with Extended Reality
Sponsor: California State University, Fresno – $9,000.

College of Social Sciences

Valerie Carr, Psychology
A Harmonized Medial Temporal Lobe Subregion Segmentation Protocol: An Essential Element for Dementia Research
Sponsor: Ohio State University – $46,256.

Victoria Harrison, History 
Payment from the Israeli Consulate into the Jewish Studies Account
Sponsor: Consulate General of Israel to the Pacific Northwest – $2,000.

Sean P. Laraway, Psychology
Human Systems Integration: Collaborative Human Factors Research to Improve Safety, Efficiency & Reliability of NASA’s Aeronautics & Space Missions: Phase 2
Sponsor: NASA – $2,953,896.

Susan M. Snycerski, Psychology
Future Vertical Lift: Collaborative Research on Flight Control, Autonomous Rotorcraft, and Human-Systems Interface Design 
Sponsor: NASA – $489,545.

Note: Some industry-sponsored awards are not listed due to their respective non-disclosure terms.