Invoices should be submitted to the Accounts Payable department via DocuSign. The routing of the DocuSign should include signing by both the account signer and the OSP analyst, and a cc to the research-foundation-ap@sjsu. Each invoice submitted should include an account number and object code and a legible DocuSigned signature. Use of a requisition form is not required, but a requisition can be used instead of the signatures on the invoice.

In instances where the requisition is for reimbursement to the PI for costs (such as supplies, travel, etc.), the chair, dean, or their designee shall have the authority to approve expenses. This is commonly referred to as a “one-up” signature and is applicable to any kind of such payments made directly to the PI. Each invoice must be submitted on a separate requisition form.

By signing the requisition form the signer certifies that:

  • The expenditure is appropriate to the account
  • The expenditure is in compliance with the university’s educational mission and the Research Foundation’s policies and procedures
  • The expenditure is within the restrictions imposed by the source of funding
  • No other source or reimbursement will be claimed

Invoices and requests should be submitted directly to