Intellectual Property

Successful research projects often result in the development of inventions by faculty members, students, and staff members who have devoted long hours to their work. The SJSU Research Foundation supports these efforts and encourages suitable commercialization by equitably allocating ownership rights among inventors, the university, and research sponsors.

The SJSU Research Foundation serves as the campus agency to assist in bringing inventions to the public marketplace and to promote their greatest public benefit. In collaboration with the SJSU AVP for Research, the Research Foundation strives to develop and execute agreements that may result in the division and distribution of licensing fees, royalties, and other forms of income from the commercialization of inventions.

When an invention or discovery is made, an invention disclosure must be made describing the invention and other facts related to the invention (such as the amount of university time, personnel, facilities, and/or equipment used). An Online Invention Notification Form is provided to initiate the invention disclosure process.

For more information on the background and purpose of this form, please refer to the Invention Notification & Disclosure Guidelines [pdf].

For guidance on completing this disclosure form, you may contact the SJSU Office of Innovation at

Additional Resources

Intellectual Property FAQs [pdf]

SJSU Academic Senate Policy F98-3 on Intellectual Property [pdf]