Engaging with the Office of Sponsored Programs

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Before you embark on a research project, you will want to find out if you are eligible to serve as a principal investigator (also called project director).

You should also become familiar with the Proposal Submission Timelines Chart [pdf], which provides critical milestones for quality proposal submissions. 

For your reference, we have also created a Research Foundation Glossary should you come across unfamiliar terminology, abbreviations, and acronyms.

Project Types

Principal investigators will fall into one of two research categories: sponsored or self-support programs.  

  • Sponsored Programs: External Funding: These are research endeavors, service projects, and other specific initiatives funded by an external sponsoring organization.

  • Self-Support Programs: These projects are generally underwritten by the Research Foundation or self-funded through registration, user, or service fees. Examples include conferences and faculty development.

Grant Lifecycle

Many things happen behind the scenes before, during, and after a research endeavor. Each milestone brings you one step closer to a successful project. 

Learn More About Each Step